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Top 15 Philippine Destinations

1. Cebu Philippines
2. Boracay Philippines
3. Davao City Philippines
4. Camarines Sur Philippines
5. Zambales Philippines
6. Bohol Philippines
7. Oriental Mindoro Philippines
8. Negros Oriental Philippines
9. Palawan Philippines
10. Ilocos Norte Philippines
11. Legazpi City Philippines
12. Surigao City Philippines
13. Sorsogon Philippines
14. Samal Island Philippines
15. La Union Philippines

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Philippine Famous Tourist Attractions
Palawan Festivals and Events

Philippines Destinations offers Philippines condominium residential estate communities, travel tips and information for top travel places and best destinations. We feature links, resources and large selection of budget airlines, chartered planes, sea cruises, ferries, travel agencies, land transports and attractions including beaches, medical tourism, retirement homes, historical and pilgrimage tours.

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You do need to be very careful about food spoiling when you transport it for the holidays. You definitely don’t want to get anyone sick due to food poisoning. If it will be hot or you are traveling a long distance avoid foods such as potato salad with mayonnaise that can easily spoil quickly. Be prepared for delays too because the amount of people traveling on the roads over the holidays can result in the food being in your car for hours more than you had originally anticipated. How to Travel with Food for the Holidays?

Palawan Famous Destinations

Balayong Festival, Puerto Princesa City, March 4
Commemoration of the city’s foundation day with a series of sports, cultural and other events. Celebrated as a day for farmers, fisherfolks, traders and buyers join in the festival to promote merrymaking, singing and dancing in the streets.

Kaniyogan Festival, March 19 Narra Town Fiesta, Narra, Brooke’s Point
“Kaniyogan” or coconut plantations abound in this town and has become an important means of sustenance for its people. The festival aims to promote the diverse products derived from the “tree of life.” The celebration also features trade fairs, cultural and contemporary shows, sports activities and a beauty and brains pageant.

Pagdiwata Arts Festival, April Full moon
Held during the week of the full moon in the month of April. Organized by Kamarikutan Kape and Art Galeri. Inspired by the Tagbanua ritual of thanksgiving, it features various art workshops such as painting using different media, sculpture, music, dance and film.

Panalaminan Festival, Roxas, May 1 - 15
Commemorates the foundation of the municipality and coincides with the town fiesta. Panalaminan Festival mirrors the beautiful and bountiful convergence of eco-tourism in Northern Palawan. Roxas is also noted for silica, a mineral used in glassmaking.

Manunggul Festival, Dumaran, May 15
An annual celebration to foster and promote unity among the town folks. Quezon

Kalabukay Festival, June 14 - 18
Celebration of the founding anniversary of the municipality of Dumaran. Kalabukay is the Cuyono word for Philippine Cockatoo or “katala,” an endangered bird specie found only in the country, most of which are in Palawan. The festival is one form of promoting the conservation of the forests of Dumaran where one of the last remaining populations of Kalabukay or “katala” dwells.
Baragatan Festival, June 15 - 23
The provincial festival is the biggest celebration in Palawan, it is a convergence of Palaweños from 23 municipalities and city of Puerto Princesa in a celebration featuring cultural, agricultural and trade fairs, sports events and exhibits. Some of the events are float parade, Saraotan sa Dalan, Mutya ng Palawan, LGU Trade Fair, cultural presentations, contests and sports tournaments.

Malagnang Festival, San Vicente, June 21
Municipal Foundation Day celebration. Malagnang is a Cuyono word meaning muddy, referring to the murky soil of the town. The festival offers a glimpse of history and celebration of unrivaled ingenuity. Festival highlights are the Saraotan sa Kalugmukan or Sayawan sa Putikan (mud dancing), mud wrestling and clay sculpture-making.

Founding Anniversary of Palawan Civil Government, June 23
Commemorates the founding of the Palawan Civil Government with a wide array of events and programs by the Provincial Government of Palawan with the participation of the local government units and other government agencies.

Purongitan Festival, Cuyo, August 28
Soot-covered revelers perform the Ati street dance to frenzied drumbeats while shouting Viva San Agustin n this festive celebration which coincides with the feast of the town’s patron saint, San Agustin.

Kasadyaan Festival, Coron, August 28
Thanksgiving celebration for all blessings received in honor of its patron saint, San Agustin. It is expressed through cultural presentations, sports events and other activities.

Palay Festival, Narra, Last Week October
A socio-cultural celebration showcasing the sights, sounds and produce of Narra. The festival culminates with the Farm-Family Month Celebration.

Kulambo Festival, El Nido, 1st week December
A mosquito net festival to drum up the campaign to eradicate malaria, participants parade around the town dressed up in outfits made out of “kulambo” or mosquito nets.

Pagdiwata, December Full Moon
A Tagbanua ritual imploring the gods to heal the sick and also, a thanksgiving ceremony.

Paskuhan Sa Kapitolyo, December Whole Month
Initiated by the Provincial Government., it consists of various activities in joyful anticipation of the birth of the Savior on Christmas Day and His second coming. Paskuhan ends with the New Year countdown and fireworks display at the Provincial Capitol, Capitol Grounds, Puerto Princesa City. The major attraction of the Paskuhan is the giant Christmas animated display at the Capitol Park Square depicting different themes revolving around the yuletide season.

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Holiday Cruises

Cruise ships are becoming more popular for holidays than ever due to the amount of entertainment they offer. Many people have always had the belief that a holiday cruise is more than they can afford. Yet the prices are quite reasonable and you can choose various amenities the cruise ship offers as well as the location. This is a great way for the entire family to share the holidays without anyone having to plan the activities, cook the food, or make enough room for everyone. Holiday Cruises

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