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Top 15 Philippine Destinations

1. Cebu Philippines
2. Boracay Philippines
3. Davao City Philippines
4. Camarines Sur Philippines
5. Zambales Philippines
6. Bohol Philippines
7. Oriental Mindoro Philippines
8. Negros Oriental Philippines
9. Palawan Philippines
10. Ilocos Norte Philippines
11. Legazpi City Philippines
12. Surigao City Philippines
13. Sorsogon Philippines
14. Samal Island Philippines
15. La Union Philippines

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Philippine Famous Tourist Attractions
Zambales Tourist Attractions

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Zambales Famous Destinations

President Ramon Magsaysay
Zambales is the home province of the seventh and most beloved president of the Philippine Republic, Ramon Magsaysay, who hailed from Castillejos. The Magsaysay Ancestral House can be found.

Hermana Mayor Island
Located in Sta. Cruz, Hermana Mayor is an island in the middle of the sea. It is popularly known as Ms. Universe Island.

Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Once the site of the biggest U.S. naval base in Asia, Olongapo is fast developing into an industrial and tourism destination through the Subic Bay Freeport Zone under the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. An educational tour to the rainforest within the Zone is available, which includes a guided tour of the JEST Forest Trails, a rolling tour of Subic Bay Freeport, and duty free shopping. During the tour, Aeta guides provide an outdoor orientation on basic mountaineering, fire building, trap making, wildlife identification, and other wilderness survival techniques.

Zambales mangoes are considered as the sweetest mangoes in the Philippine archipelago. A celebration that revolves around the mangoes of Zambales is the Dinamulag-Mango Festival held every April in Iba.

Fine Beaches
Definitely the best all-around diving along the coast, Subic Bay in Olongapo also has the best infrastructure and facilities, with the major pull being the wrecks. The star attraction is the USS New York, a battleship scuttled during World War II, to keep her 17in main guns from falling into the hands of the Japanese. A rare, fine example of an 1899 dreadnought, she lies on her port side in 27m of water, cannons intact.

Another great dive, the El Capitan is a 130m-long, 3000-ton freighter that went down in the mouth of Ilanin Bay. As the top of the wreck is just 12m below the surface, it is an easy dive. Marvel at the incredible array of marine life, and a swim-through amid shafts of light beaming down through gaping holes in the side.

The San Quentin is the oldest known wreck in Subic. This wooden gunboat was scuttled in the Spanish-American War in 1898 in a futile attempt to prevent the US Navy from entering the channel between the Grande and Chiquita islands. It is one of the more popular dives because of the wreck's historical past. Among the many others worth seeing is the Oryoku Maru, the "Hell Ship" that sunk in an air attack, with more than 1600 American POWs on board.

Subic also has some good coral dives. Grande Island, formerly an exclusive US military R&R resort, has some worthwhile wall diving, and Triboa Bay has a good coral garden at Nabasan Point. The best time to dive is between February and June. Accommodations are plentiful between Olongapo City and Barrio Barretto, a popular laid-back tourist retreat. Subic has the country’s oldest established recompression chamber, one of only three available to sport divers.

San Salvador Island
The abundance of marine resources has made San Salvador Island famous as a scuba diver's paradise in Central Luzon. The island is located in Masinloc.

Mt. Pinatubo
Mt. Pinatubo, made famous by its catastrophic eruption in 1991, is now a source of travel and study for tourists and travelers visiting Central Luzon. It is located in San Marcelino.

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